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From olds to recent, we are the linking point between generations of accrued knowledge and modern science.

We carry ancestral knowledge, adopt scientific processes and pursue a global mission.

We respect nature in the production of agricultural crops and animal health/nutrition, preserving land, animals, and society.


We learn from nature and retribute to it with the best in science and technology.

Nature is our work’s Alpha and Omega. Our inspiration comes from Nature and it’s ancestral wisdom and, equally, our products are the result of the most innovative science. By respecting Nature and in the development of sustainable products, we turn microorganisms into biotechnological solutions that maximize farming and provide better animal health and nutrition.

Animal Health and Nutrition

We replicate nature to reproduce microorganisms with macro impact.

We produce solutions that are efficient and provide better animal health and nutrition. Through sustainable practices, our production generates low environmental impact and assures the safety of our products, by following rigorous quality control protocols.